Avangarde / 05.08.2015

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This real estate development had to deal with a simple design request: cheap inline houses, nicely ordered above the large plain in the periphery of Bucharest. Initially, the developer had alreary finished two similar projects, with identical houses placed in a row vis-à-vis the parking spots. The hope and the real stake of this engagement was the construction of similar houses regarding both the costs and the construction techniques already tested by the client, dressing it in a new “design” layer which could customize this development among the many recenly built gated ensembles and simultaneosly could emphase the need for differentiation of the future dwellers.
In spite of this, the enlarged geometry of the site, which allowed the configuration of two rows of houses back to back, inspired us a certain collective conviviality and, if not too much to say, the potential of an inceptive urbanity. This was the reason for designing a small central square, which could benefit from this potential and offer a minimum communal space for the remote periphery. So, every house had to have a small acces to this central space which could coagulate the 23 dwellings, but also reestablish the urban model as a valid cultural asset amidst the kaleidoscope of recently built gated communities.

Location: Voluntari, ILFOV
Building surface: 4356 m²
Building site: 4655 m²
Structure: Cadre si diafragme BA
Maximum height: 12m
Parking lot: 52
Inhabitants: 23 families
Programme: Locuire
Status: Finalizat
Design: Republic of Architects
Realisation: 2014-2015




Fundeni Tetris / 26.01.2011

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In an intensive real estate development from the outskirts of Bucharest we had to deal with an est-west lakeside oriented site. Two quantitative ideas structured our proposal: the necessity of lakeside view for every apartment and the avoidance of completely north orientation of each. The cross section of Unité d'habitation seemed ideal, combined with the rhomboidal planimetry which permitted large terraces lakeside oriented.
It seemed to us that the client heard about the Pruitt-Igoe disaster by definitely refusing such management risk.

Client: private
Location: Fundeni, S2, Bucharest
Building surface: 13 750 m²
Building site: 6 805 m²
Structure: reinforced concrete
Maximum height: P+12 m
Parking lot: 160
Visitors: 210
Programme: apartment building
Status: concept
Realisation: 2011

Team: arh. Emil Burbea, stud. arh. Doru Boeriu, stud. arh. Petra Vieru



Oasis / 13.10.2010

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A residential project situated out in the fields and far from the city, in an area adjacent to the A2 Highway and the traffic ring of the Bucharest metropolis. Disregarding these, the main issue was considered to be a company situated in close proximity which is responsible for the bad scents in the area. Considering all the issues negative that the site was posing, the resolution was situated at a microlevel, and decided that the apartments will not be orientated exclusively towards the field. Instead, they could be orientated towards a green interior space, an olfactory oasis. This space, secluded from the external, would be used by the residents as a background to different sports activities, short walks of games for different age groups. The sides which comprise apartments, especially the two and three bedroom ones, have the horizontal circulation system from 3 to 3 levels, as well as interior courtyards in order to naturally ventilate the kitchen. An access route encompasses the blocks, delimiting it from the field.
After all, it seems that the client has heard of the Pruitt-Igoe disaster and declined any risks that this configuration might impose.

Client: LOCAL
Location: Popeşti-Leordeni, Ilfov
Building surface: 168 365 m²
Building site: 81 000 m²
Structure: reiforced concrete
Maximum height: P+11
Parking lot: 472
Visitors: 3396
Programme: condominium
Status: concept
Realisation: 2010

Team: arh. Emil Burbea, arh. Oana Iacob (Coarfă), arh. Alexandra Liţu, arh. Irina Meliţă, arh. Radu-Tudor Ponta, arh. Ştefan Simion



Ploieşti Bus Terminal / 06.12.2008

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Between the client’s request – a public authority – to expose a major project and the planning requirements and strict enviromentally standards, we opted for an elevated road plan, that subordinated the enclosed functional spaces beneath. The complex functional project includes: traffic node, Dâmbu river protection area, bridge, bus terminal, commercial area, offices.
Being faced with the choice of normal architectural building near the bus terminal, we discovered the infrastructure as a key element of the final proposal to the client, which had as a powerful advantage as a new type of the land’s topography. Inside the building, the bus terminal operating scheme, including awaiting, arrival and departure space, the requirement to cross on the other side of the river and then the urban one of closing the city’s traffic ring, the building displays itself as an attic-like urban structure, subsequently populated with functions that may contain normal urban images and functions "at level with the eye". Once this proposal was accepted, we could study the details that make this building not a large-scale infrastructure, but rather a reference public space.

Client: Local Administration Ploiesti
Location: 88A Găgeni, Ploieşti
Building surface: 5398 m²
Building site: 1.093 m²
Structure: Reinforced Concrete
Maximum height: S+P+3E, 18.10m
Terminal Parking lot: 21 buses
Parking lot: 72 cars, 14 buses
Visitors: 479
Workers: Office 128, Retail 20, Maintenance 7
Programme: Bus Terminal
Status: Feasibility Study

Team: Oana Iacob (Coarfă), Alexandra Liţu, Emil Burbea, Radu-Tudor Ponta
Structuri: EUROPROIECT DESIGN, eng. Adrian Anghel, eng. Andrei Pârlea
Electrical: CGA CLIMACONCEPT, eng. Adriana Tudor
Low Voltage: CGA CLIMACONCEPT, ing. Adriana Tudor
Plumbling: CGA CLIMACONCEPT, eng. Gabriel Popescu
HVAC: CGA CLIMACONCEPT, eng. Cătălin Guţoi
Economics: ec. Carmen Stecko, ec. Sanda Kunst
Technical: PRISMA CONSTRUCT, eng. Mircea Axente



Masterplan “MaMut” / 06.04.2008

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For the Viilor project, the office realized the "theme's illustration". In current practice, in the process urban plans approval, "illustrating the theme" tries to demonstrate the viability of some situations occasionally "unlikely" due to pressure of real estate market.

Located on a former factory field, a residential is desired, that would occupy 5 times the field surface. The high density of the built volume has imposed two major work themes: the possibility of sunlight and the ratio between the existing scale and that of the new buildings. Extending the main directions of circulation, four islands were defined volumetric, with variable height, so that the street profile’s modification from specific residential to commercial-like to be done gradually.
The study has a high degree of abstraction and is limited to the graphical representation of surfaces associated to functions such as housing, office and commerce, which, in turn, conditions the number of parking spaces. It is a mathematical game that lays behind any future real estate realities.

Location: str Progresului, Bucuresti
Building surface: 334.000 m²
Building site: 59.650 m²
Maximum height: S+P+30E
Design: Republic of Architects
Programme: masterplan
Realisation: 2008

General Designer : PZP Arhitectura
Urbanism: M Design